Swiss School of Management



The Swiss School of management is an International Institute of higher Education based in the eternal city of Rome that aims to provide students with the highest quality educational experience through one-on-one leadership coaching, personal development plans, and innovative educational tools to help students develop qualities that will distinguish them as leaders. We create an innovative and intellectual environment with a focus on leadership and management which endows our students with the global business competencies required for leadership and success in the global economy. The Swiss School of Management is a Quality Certified Institution of Higher Education.


The Swiss School of Management is committed to providing excellence in international education. Through teaching methods based on the typical Swiss way of behavior, we encourage professionalism, quality thinking, and a business minded attitude. We strive to be distinguished by our innovative teaching style, quality programs and distinguished specializations which create transformational learning experiences. The Swiss School of Management is a place for those that seek knowledge, strive toward excellence, and want a better life for themselves and their fellow citizens.


  • Create an intellectually rigorous learning environment and to show uncompromising dedication to those we serve
  • Commitment to real knowledge delivered by professors with real life experience
  • Ensuring a climate that supports diversity of cultures, ideas, and insights
  • The development of students’ ethical awareness
  • Nurture students to become inspirational and dynamic leaders
  • Create an atmosphere of collaboration, mutual support and genuine interest in each other’s success